How do you find and keep a good nanny?  Here are the basics - keep an open mind, get your feet wet, do your homework, and trust yourself.  You'll find the solution you need. 

There are live-in and live-out nannies and some nannies who care for children in their own homes.  There are full-time and part-time nannies, certified and self-taught nannies, younger and older nannies, experienced nannies and talented new comers, shared nannies and even male nannies.


 What Nannies Do

The basic job is to protect, love, play with, and teach the children in her care, and then to share her insights with you.  Depending on how many hours during the week a nanny is to work, most parents will want her to engage on specific activities that their children would like to do themselves. The other basic of the nanny's duties is child-related housekeeping. 

Depending on her job description, domestic tasks may range from maintenance of the child's rooms to sewing on their buttons and organizing their closets to shopping for their clothing and birthday parties.


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